About Precision Air Balance Company, Inc.

Integrity and honesty are the most important assets of the Precision team. By balancing your systems properly, they run more efficiently, helping to keep people vigorous and healthy. When HVAC systems perform efficiently, this saves money on energy and helps equipment last longer with fewer repairs. We certify that new systems installed are working at optimum performance. We also test existing systems to maintain their effectiveness. We document any deficiencies and we or the A/C contractor will make necessary repairs.

Our technicians work to the highest safety standards which is reflected in our EMR of 77%. The continuing education and certification programs that we offer, help us to continually improve the quality of our work. Our technicians are NEBB and/or TABB Certified.

Team work is of the upmost importance. Over the past 25 years, we have teamed up with general contractors on many technical, security sensitive projects from places like Boeing and Raytheon to schools and clean room facilities. Our state of the art equipment and quick electronic transmission of our certified reports helps to close out projects quickly and efficiently.

We are financially stable with a combined bonding limit of $5 million and a single project limit of $1.5 million. We warranty all of our work. If an issue arises, we will return to the project and resolve it at no additional charge.